How do I set points?

Points are given to the translator once you select the translation. Recommended Points are shown based on length of the sentence.

You can receive the translation faster if you select the points higher than the recommended points. Moreover, based on the level of difficulty, specialty or images with lot of texts, setting points higher is strongly recommended.

There's no translation

You might not receive a translation if the point is set too low and/or the content is unclear.

Use 'Request again' button to send request to more translators.
If no translation arrives within 24 hours, the request will be canceled and the point returned.

자산 35
자산 34
I don't know which translation to select

Check the translator's level and profile or if it has a recommendation from 1:1 Pro translator.

Also refer to the memo written by the translator.

Need more information?

Visit our Help Center to learn more.

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